Oscar-nominated actor Gary Oldman offers hope and strength for the humans as Dreyfus in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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what if I sent you a dreamcast edit with Gary Oldman in the Bond franchise? Would you reblog that?

No, I’m sorry, I like to try to stick with… real things, you know? And it’s nothing against your idea at all, I have some of my own stuff (manips and such) that I’ve wanted to reblog, but I don’t, because I want to keep this blog related to Gary’s projects and things he’s actually done/doing. Does that make sense?

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I have realized Gary did not wear his wedding ring during the WonderCon. Please, tell me there is no problem between them (Gary and Alex), they are such a lovely couple and Gary seems to be very happy with her. Thanks :)

He’s done that before (he wasn’t wearing it at the Malcolm McDowell Q&A earlier this month either, and there was a brief period last year where there were some candids of him without it on), and I’ll admit, it makes me nervous too, but I doubt there’s anything going on. He could’ve left it off for any number of reasons (maybe he lost it, maybe something happened to it and it’s off getting repairs or cleaned, maybe he just forgot it).

I don’t want to speculate just on that alone, so unless we hear otherwise, I think it’s safe to assume that things are just fine.

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can we send you stuff so you can reblog. gary oldman-related stuff of course.... :)

It really depends on what it is. I won’t reblog stolen edits, and I won’t reblog unedited pictures.

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Is this blog still active? c;

Yes, very…

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"There are always these asinine fellows like Schindler… with their commonplace opinions… from their commonplace minds. […] Anton Schindler, bad violinist… knows more about music than Ludwig van Beethoven. […] Schindler, I always thought that you were a bore… and an ass. But you’ve had your uses, and now you have none. Get out."


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes panel with Gary Oldman, Keri Russell and director Matt Reeves.

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Gary Oldman talking about making Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at WonderCon

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